Whatshisname is a frog-like creature that fell to earth as a meteorite, and was guarded by Sprocket, who probably believed he was dangerous. He was.


He is, like most of the Villains, green. He is a spherical being with Hairy Spikes coming off him, although not as densely as Haggis or Hairy Worm. He has two arms poking out from the sides with frog-like fingers, and two legs poking out from the bottom, with frog-like toes. He has a red smiley face and frog-like eyes. He resembles a frog.


Whatshisname as he appears in the episodes.


Whatshisname is cyborg-like, having amazing intelligence, and is always calculating and thinking. He sometimes makes whirring and clanking noises , further enhancing the fact he could be a type of robot. Haggis 'recruited' Whatshisname for his evil team, and Whatshisname accepted, not knowing the difference between good and evil.

In MediaEdit

Whatshisname first appeared in Episode 7, where the News Mole told Hairy Worm about a meteorite that had landed. Hairy Worm, being him, accepted and went to investigate. After being turned down by Sprocket, who was guarding Whatshisname, believing him to be dangerous, sent Hairy Worm away, he sneaked in and met with Whatshisname. Whatshisname is called what he is because when Hairy Worm asked him his name, he replied with something very long and complicated. He then said that due to security reasons, his name would change every second. So Hairy Worm called him Whatshisname, and the name stuck.

Later on, Haggis recruited Whatshisname to the villains, after telling him the experience would be rewarding. Whatshisname then attacked Hairy Worm, but failed. When he did, he screamed "DOES NOT COMPUTE!" twice before flying off.

He then continued to appear in various other episodes, even in Episode 11, where he, along with Squiggle and Haggis , teamed up against Smiley Man . He then resumed to trying to destroy Hairy Worm, with the other remaining Villains.