The Adventures of Hairy Worm's 2nd episode, featuring Haggis, wasn't actually meant to be.

There were 2 episodes before that, recorded in the same way as the 1st. These are the Missing Episodes. They were unable to be uploaded, for they showed blank, but I remember well what they were about.

Episode 2Edit

In this episode, Hairy Worm goes into his Wormmobile, (A remote-controlled car) to find Evil Tomato Man.

Eventually Hairy Worm destroys Evil Tomato Man by crushing him with the car. It was in this episode that the phrase 'Fighting crime for no apparent reason' was developed.

Episode 3Edit

In the next 'Missing' episode, Hairy Worm decides to have fun in the Wormmobile, and positions himself at the top of a slide. At the bottom is a figure of Ash Ketchum, raving on about Pokemon.

Ash keeps returning, only to be knocked down by the Wormmobile going down the slide.