Hairy Worm

Hairy Worm's main appearance.

Hairy Worm, as hinted in the name, is the main character of The Adventures of Hairy Worm. He is kind and good-hearted, but tends to be very accident prone and usually acts very random. He is liked by Voiceover and has an involuntary girlfriend, Hairette.

Appearance Edit

Hairy Worm is an upright orange worm-thing. He has orange Hairy Spikes all over him. He has huge eyes and an arc on his head for hanging onto things. He has no visible mouth and speaks in a high-pitched voice.

In Media Edit

In media Hairy Worm fights so save his worlds, he battles various villians such as Haggis, Evil AppleMan, Squiggle and more!

In every episode after some Villain attacks, 'Hairy Worm saves the day again!'. Voiceover says this as he lifts him up. Normally, though, Hairy Worm did not save the day, but it was another Hero.

In Episode 11, Hairy Worm almost died, hence the name of the episode. But he always manages to find his way out of a scrape.