Aah! It's evil!

This fiendish fiend is a fiend beyond all fiends. Haggis is the main villain Hairy Worm comes across and is ready to destroy him any way he can.

Appearance Edit

Haggis resembles a green centipede. He has green and slightly blue Hairy Spikes on his back and has two pairs of absurdly large eyes on his head. His mouth, like many other characters, is never seen. He also has sucker-like feet on his underside.


Haggis is, mainly, evil. He hates Hairy Worm for some reason and will stop at nothing to get him destroyed. Haggis can also act friendly, like when he and Hairy Worm battled Evil Voiceover. He laughs all the time, especially when one of his evil schemes has 'suceeded', usually, though, his laughter is short-lived.

In Media Edit

Haggis first appeared in Episode 2 where Voiceover mistook him for Hairy Worm. Since then he has made him Hairy Worm's arch rival, frequently trying to destroy Hairy Worm. He was almost defeated but ressurected by Smiley Man, who, for some unknown reason, helped Haggis. Then Haggis was made Smiley Man's assistant,


Haggis tied up, before being rescued by Smiley Man.

Haggis slightly scared of Smiley Man. After the defeat of Smiley Man in Episode 11, Haggis teamed up with Squiggle and Whatshisname to try and defeat Hairy Worm - Once and for all.

Haggis is constantly being 'spun right round' by Voiceover, an action which involves Voiceover picking Haggis up, spinning him round (With the music of 'You Spin Me Right Round" playing) and then flinging him off. Many times has somebody been saved by this, but Voiceover never gets any credit for it.